Standardized tests are among the most important criteria for college and graduate school.

It helps to be prepared

Why Choose Byer Educational Consulting?


It can be difficult to get reviews from a prep-company for a specific tutor in their employ.

I am proud to offer great results that are proven and effective.


Most prep-companies use proprietary materials meant to supplement or replace materials put out by the test-makers themselves.

I use the most relevant materials to ensure the best possible outcomes.


If you were to register for tutoring with major prep-companies in the US, the costs would be very high.

I run my own business, have minimal overhead, and I offer tutoring at lower rates.

Short-Term Prep Benefits

Students who are already scoring relatively well on a test, but want to boost their score even more, can benefit from short-term prep.

In many cases, the focus is less on the material of the content of the exam, and more on test-taking approaches.


What Others Are Saying

“Steve is the best tutor we could have found to cover all the ACT subjects: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay Writing. We also appreciate the detailed summary provided for each lesson. Very happy with our results!”

– Mr. W.; parent of an ACT student at Deerfield High School

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Stephen Byer

Private Tutor

I have been a private tutor since 2005.

I offer top-quality tutoring through private lessons, small-group sessions, and classroom instruction. My services come without the high fees and mandatory contracts of typical tutoring companies.

For my full bio, please click the “Contact Me” button.